Silhouette is an Austrian brand whose philosophy is designing “authentic glasses for authentic people.” Since 1964, they have been handcrafting eyewear that enables people to express self confident individuality. Silhouette glasses and sunglasses embody an aesthetic which is minimalist, functional and achieves beauty through harmony. They are crafted in a range of individual styles to suite both men and women and each style takes account of factors ranging from eyebrow shape to lifestyle. Silhouette spares no expense, crafting frames from premium materials, including solid gold!

Perhaps it was the eclectic surroundings of their native Austria, Silhouette’s philosophy is that eyewear should harmonise perfectly with the wearer, allowing their individual beauty and strong personality to shine. Using materials that range from high tech titanium alloy to revolutionary patented composite SPX+ Silhouette makes eyewear using the best materials, latest technologies and compelling design for people who remain true to themselves and their style.  Eye Opticians specialises in Silhoette’s Rimless collection, shown below.