Eye for Lindberg


When they each have over thirty pairs of named and engraved glasses, that’s when you can say Giorgio Armani and Miuccia Prada are mad about Lindberg’s designer eyewear.  It’s no surprise that two icons of European fashion go crazy for one of the most iconic Danish eyewear brands of the 20th century. Lindberg glasses are typified by their streamlined minimalism and perfect synergy of form, function and fashion. Their frames are flawless, rimless, even screwless. Lindberg’s aversion to screws was best put by CEO Henrik Lindberg: “screw is a really really dirty word around here.”

Eye Opticians have been stocking Lindberg in the West Midlands for over 10 years. Our customers, all Birmingham locals, like Lindberg because of its almost infinite design versatility. In this they take inspiration from another famous Danish brand, Lego. Every element of Lindberg eyewear – colour, size, shape – is treated as a building block which can be mixed and matched as desired. Every pair of glasses and sunglasses can be customised to the unique needs of you the wearer, every lens tailored to enhance the individual vision of you the seer. Want gold glasses with pink diamonds, Lindberg can and have designed them.

Have a funny shaped head and need glasses to fit, Lindberg can do it. They’ve even provided eyewear for a four month old baby! Lindberg’s philosophy of customisation fits seamlessly into Eye Opticians own practise. We routinely provide lenses customised to your visual needs. Heck, we wouldn’t provide lenses that weren’t customised. Eye Opticians is proud to dispense Lindberg specs to you for the same reason that Miuccia Prada and Giorgio Armani have 30 plus pairs each. Like Henrik Lindberg says “your eyes, and what’s in front of them, are the first thing people see when they meet you, not your feet, hands or legs.”