Specs for the Workplace

Eye Opticians in Birmingham has a suite of lenses to help customers at work. Whether you’re driving a van, working in an office or working in a factory, workplace environments place heavy and diverse demands on your vision. With lenses from world renowned manufacturers like Hoya and Zeiss, Eye Opticians can provide lenses tailored to your occupational requirements.


Even if you’re not a lorry or van driver, driving is an integral part of the modern workplace. Eye Opticans dispenses the Hoya Enroute Lens and Zeiss Drivesafe Lens. Both these lenses come in single vision and progressive variants and have special coatings to reduce glare. The result is relaxed, comfortable and safe driving.

Office Work

Many office workers suffer from eyestrain or other vision related stress, due to having to stare at computer screens. This can result in unnatural posture and back pain. That’s why Eye Opticians has teamed up with Hoya and dispenses Hoya Workstyle + lenses. These are indoor lenses that are tailored to the visual demands of the office: intensive near distance vision and bright light emitted by computer screens and office lighting.