Tackling Visual Stress: Terry’s Story

One of our patients, Terry Davies, suffered from visual stress, and his story is a prime example of the problems visual stress can cause and the dramatic improvements that result from successful treatment. Like many with the condition, Terry had had problems for years without knowing what was wrong. It was only when he came to EYE Opticians that he was diagnosed correctly. Terry had a raft of eyesight problems including blurred vision and problems reading small print such as receipts. He also experienced terrible migraines whenever he looked at bright lights. His blurred vision and inability to read small print impaired his everyday functioning. He even had trouble shopping because he couldn’t read his own receipts. The most traumatic aspect of his visual stress were the constant migraines.

Luckily, all this changed when we diagnosed Terry with visual stress and prescribed glasses with tinted lenses to combat its effects. With the glasses, his vision was transformed. He could read his shopping receipts which were no longer blurry and the migraines almost completely disappeared. Now, he could look at bright light sources like headlamps or sunlight without experiencing any pain.

EYE Opticians is pleased to have helped Terry. It is important that we continue to promote understanding and treatment of visual stress, so that we can stop people suffering needlessly from this debilitating condition.