Blephex Treatment

BlephEx is the newest simple treatment for blepharitis. It’s a procedure to eliminate crusts and bacterial debris on the lid margins

Blepharitis is a chronic and very irritating condition caused by the inflammation of the eyelids due to an overgrowth of normal bacteria living along the lid and the base of the eyelashes. This overgrowth produces a biofilm that traps debris and leads crusts forming along the lid margins. This leads to inflammation, which affects the tear glands thus reducing tear production and fewer tears cause chronic irritation and dry eye.

Symptoms of Blepharitis

  • Itchy or scratchy eyes
  • Foreign body sensation
  • Tearing
  • Crusting
  • Redness / Inflammation
  • Mattering
  • Dry Eye
  • Eye Rubbing

Eye Opticians offer Blephex treatment to relieve these symptoms. Blephex is a deep cleaning treatment, which removes crusts and debris, embedded within the lids and lashes by gently messaging and descaling the eyelids with the use of rotating soft microsponges. The procedure lasts for no more than 10 minutes and feels like a tickling sensation. After the procedure advice is given on how to maintain clean eyelids with regular lid hygiene.

OCT (Optical coherence tomography)

OCT is short for “optical coherence tomography” a modern imaging technique like MRI or CT scan, which shows structures inside the eye that can change due to eye disease. At Eye Opticians we have the Heidelberg Spectralis, which is regarded as the gold standard in OCT imaging technique in eye hospitals around the world.

What is an OCT exam?

In an OCT examination, a light beam scans the eye through the pupil. The beam scans across the back of the eye, and the reflected light is translated into a detailed image of the structures within the retina.

Medical benefits of an OCT exam

OCT images can help identify early signs of eye disease like Age-related Macula Degeneration (AMD) and Glaucoma. The OCT is so sensitive that it often shows signs of disease before you notice any changes in your vision. Studies have shown that commencing early treatment is the best way to save vision.

Who is Suitable for OCT examination?

Everyone is suitable for OCT examination. We would highly recommend having regular OCT exams if you fall into one of the following categories:

A family history of eye disease:

  • Glaucoma
  • AMD
  • Retinal detachments
  • Diabetes
  • High prescription patients
  • If you’re taking certain medication
  • Systemic conditions e.g. stroke, multiple sclerosis

What is the OCT exam like?

  • Quick - less then 10 minutes
  • Painless - nothing touches your eye
  • Comfortable - no bright lights
  • Convenient - no drops or dilation is required
  • Effective – shows early changes

Humphrey Visual Fields Test

What is a visual field test?

A visual field test is a peripheral vision test that maps what you can see around you. It shows how wide of an area your eye can see and identifies changes that are not noticed by yourself. It is used as a very important diagnostic tool in assessing patients with glaucoma. Other diseases, such as cataract, stroke, macular degeneration and diabetes, can also influence the visual field.

At Eye Opticians, we use the gold standard in visual field equipment, the Humphrey Visual Field Analyser HFA 3 by Zeiss. It is the most widely used field analyser in eye hospitals.

What is a visual field test like?

  • One eye is tested at a time
  • You will be asked to focus on a central yellow light throughout the test
  • The HFA will then flash blinking white lights in various positions in your visual field and you will press a button to let us know when you have seen the light.
  • All the information will be collected and our Optometrist will interpret the results right away

Who is suitable for a Visual field test?

If you have been diagnosed with Glaucoma, Ocular Hypertension or have a strong family history of Glaucoma, then a visual field test is an important part of your annual assessment. People with systemic conditions, such as diabetes or have had a stroke, or suffering from headaches, as well as any one concerned with their peripheral vision.

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